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KeyLogPro - Records every keystroke and passwords typed on any window and program - even on password protected boxes! Runs completely undetected, does not slow down your computer, and encrypts recorded files. Filters access against harmful web content. Stealth technology ensures that KeyLog Pro is completely hidden from everyone except you. It will not appear in the Windows Desktop, Task Manager or in any other Menu.

IamBigBrother - The Best Priced yet full featured monitoring software anywhere. Captures ALL passwords typed, and records BOTH SIDES of MSN, Yahoo, AOL Instant Messages. Records all MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and more. Works in total secrecy - cannot be bypassed or detected by user. Records more than any other keylogger software program under $30!

BlackLog - BlackLog is a powerful security monitoring and computer tracking software program that allows you to record ("Keylog") what users on your pc do. Records keystrokes, website visits, applications ran from the command line, and more! Tracks all AOL/AIM/MSN/Yahoo/ICQ activity, and all passwords entered. Keep tabs on your children,spouse, or employee while they use a PC. BlackLog sets the bar for comprehensive monitoring and recording - all powered by an extremely easy-to-use graphical interface!

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